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Grim Reaper Foods: Chilli Infused Oils and Sauces

23 May
23rd May 2016

Do you have an appetite for more spookishly spicy and hauntingly hot foodstuffs in your life? If you do, I would not hesitate to point you in the direction of Grim Reaper Foods, a fantastically imaginatively branded website from which you can purchase all kinds of chilli sauces, spicy condiments and a lot more besides. Founded by Russell Williams, a member of the Master Chefs of Great Britain, Grim Reaper Foods have been the recipient of many distinguished awards over the past six years.

As well as their own eponymous brand of chilli sauces, Grim Reaper Foods also retail many prestigious hot sauce brands including Psycho Juice and Crazy Bastard sauces. For their own range, the company take an innovative and imaginative approach to their recipes and chosen ingredients with everything from cognac to hot chilli syrup featuring in some of their varieties. Heat ratings range from mild flavours for the cautious to volcanic super hot sauces for the bold and adventurous palate. If you’re seeking gift ideas, why not purchase a trio gift set – this is comprised of any three sauces of your choosing which are then gift boxed ready to be presented to the hot sauce lover in your life.

As well as sauces, Grim Reaper Foods are also purveyors of a range of rubs and spices, perfect for marinading meat for your next dinner party. For those with a sweet tooth there is also chilli chocolate made by the company themselves or they also offer Psycho Chocolate brand products as well. You can also buy chilli oil and chilli extracts online from Grim Reaper Foods, ensuring your cupboard is well stocked with spicy goodness. The company also retail an assortment of hot snacks with everything from ghost chilli peanuts and crackling to air dried beef and popping candy. Again, you can either treat yourself or take advantage of the opportunity to provide a loved one with a unique and exciting gift.

Grim Reaper Foods have a really cool website design which uses OpenCart as a starting point, upon which something really individual has been constructed. The brand’s distinctive grim reaper skull logo is very cool indeed and the dark colour palate used in the site design is a welcome change from the generic bright, airy, minimal look that a too many websites seem to default to these days. Navigation, shopping and checkout are all very fast and simple and all orders are dispatched within three working days via Royal Mail. If your order is heavier than 2kg, the guys will be in touch to quote you a competitive courier rate for your delivery.

As well as retailing all things spicy, Grim Reaper Foods also have their very own chilli blog which is chock full of information and photos, making it a great resource for chill-heads around the globe. The blog really conveys the brand’s personality and enthusiasm which is something I like to see from independent e-commerce ventures!

DPD Shaping the Future of Courier Delivery

17 May
17th May 2016

The future of courier delivery is arriving fast, in part by way of the new DPD/Interlink mobile app.

Taking delivery of goods to a home or business address has, up until now, sometimes been fairly tricky. Missed deliveries, calling cards, and lost parcels. But these are issues the DPD/IL app promises to try and solve. An array of cool features have been introduced which will seemingly make our lives as consumers much easier.

The DPD/IL tracking system, and their delivery service in general, are already amongst the best in the business – so to many their new app is a welcome bonus.

So without further ado, here’s a quick summary of the excellent new points of note that DPD/IL has in store, when taking parcels via their delivery service:

  • Pickup

If it’s more convenient for you to pick up your parcel instead of taking a delivery, you can opt to have your driver leave it at one of their 2,500 local pickup locations throughout the UK. The number of pickup points is very impressive, and should prove handy. The app will even give you directions and opening times to your chosen collection point. Click and collect options will certainly play a large part in the future of courier delivery services, especially as an alternative to missed deliveries.

  • 30 minutes away

The new app will let you know when your driver/parcel is approximately 30 minutes away. This by far must be one of the most simple, yet ingenious features of any courier tracking service. Staying in all day for a parcel can be very frustrating, especially when many other couriers don’t specify a time slot. A 30 minute pre-emptive reminder ensures you can be there in time to receive your delivery on demand.

  • Safe place

Specify a safe place using the new app, and the driver will leave your parcel safely in this chosen location. This means even if you can’t make it back to accept your parcel, it’ll still be waiting safe and sound when you arrive. You can even upload a photograph of your safe place, to ensure the driver knows exactly where to find it.

  • We’ll come back

If your parcel was attempted for delivery earlier in the day, and you arrive too late, in some cases the driver can come back and make a second delivery attempt. This is a fully automatic process using your phones location. If it sees you’re present later in the day, a second attempt will be scheduled with little effort. Thus eliminating the frustration of waiting another day! This feature is an excellent example of how useful mobile location services can be.

The new DPD app is available on Apple and Android devices via the App Store and Play Store respectively.

Shorelines: 100% Canadian Mountain Bikes

17 May
17th May 2016

One of our most recent clients whom we are very proud to feature on the blog today are Shorelines, an esteemed distributor and retailer of high end Canadian mountain biking equipment and accessories. They were actually featured on the OpenCart blog where they were held up as an example of how a carefully put together, clean design can create an immediately professional appearance and impression for an OpenCart website.

Shorelines hail from South Yorkshire and are renowned within the mountain biking scene for retailing premium brands at affordable prices. They’re actually the sole UK distributor for many of the brands they carry. Everything they sell is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality and has been rigorously tried and tested in some of the harshest biking conditions.

Shorelines benefits from being fully rider owned which means you can rely on expert advice from a team of professional, passionate staff who understand the needs of the modern cyclist. You can contact Shorelines by phone or email should you require any advice whatsoever on any items you are considering purchasing.

The rider-owned ethic and philosophy practised by Shorelines is extremely important to them, as evidenced by the fact that all the brands they work with have been carefully selected as being rider-owned as well. This ensures that performance, quality and passion are upheld not only by the Shorelines team but all the brands that they retail as well. When shopping for mountain biking and equipment online with Shorelines, some of the brands you can expect to see include 9point8, Dissent Labs, North Shore Billet, Chromag, Knolly, and Whistler Performance Lubes.

You can also shop by product category, so whether you’re after a pedal, seatpost, grip, saddle or anything else in between, it’s quick and easy to locate the exact part you need. Each product page benefits from a high resolution image showing the product in detail. Underneath this you’ll find a detailed description of the item along with a list of features for quick skimming.

Thankfully, Shorelines passion, professionalism and attention to detail carries over to their website. You can shop by product or brand and the website is very clean and easy to navigate. Ordering mountain biking equipment online with Shorelines is a remarkably fast and simple affair thanks to their quick checkout process which utilises either credit/debit card payment or PayPal for your utmost convenience. The delivery lead time from order is 1 – 2 working days which is very competitive indeed, ensuring you get your parts swiftly when you need them in a hurry.