When to Hire an OpenCart Developer

Looking for an OpenCart Developer? OpenCart is an excellent open-source shopping cart solution. The software, which is powerful and simple to use, is available to download free of charge. It’s an ideal and cost-effective platform to build your online store with. And a solid rival to the titan of the industry, Magento.

When building a new business, it’s tempting to minimise your budget for setting up online. OpenCart is free but realistically, developing your web shop is an investment (a good one) and always will be.

Here are a few good reasons why we always advise store owners to allocate a budget for ongoing development.

  • What happens when your website just doesn’t work?

You need commercial support when running an online business. It’d be nice to think OpenCart will work perfectly (for the most part it does). If your site frequently goes down within peak selling hours though and you’ve no idea why, you might as well stop. Being able to satisfy online customers, and with an excellent uptime, is vital to maintaining a good reputation. Shoppers are quick to report otherwise. So, you need an OpenCart Development resource available for when things don’t go to plan. It’s really important to have a reliable contact.

  • Time is money, don’t spend it sweating

It can be wearisome to spend weeks problem solving or finding workarounds to implement new features to your website. When it comes down to it, it’s often genuinely cheaper to hire an expert – they’re quicker and more experienced. One of the modern “rules of business” is to always hire people smarter than yourself, when you need to. The time and money you save in doing so is always better spent in other places and will usually pay for itsself over and over.

  • When an extension needs some attention

The OpenCart extension store is the perfect place to find extensions and modules. These are usually designed to add features and functions to your web store. There are also some 3rd party websites with add-ons available. Sometimes though, because anyone can sell these freely, the quality of these extensions can and does vary. The support provided might also be of a lower standard than you expect. It’s good then to have an external OpenCart developer on hand to resolve any issues. Even more so when some extensions can “break” your website when they’re not built or installed correctly.

The drawback of hiring a good developer is the extra financial cost. Hiring a good developer is obviously an investment, but it’s one that will pay for itself in the long run, especially if they have an e-commerce sales background, or extra skills that you can put to good use for your store.

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