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Online Butcher: Award Winning Meat Delivery

Here at Philp eCommerce we’re very proud and excited to present our redesign of Rendalls the Online Butcher‘s website. We’ve implemented a complete aesthetic overhaul to give the site a contemporary feel with an easier to navigate layout.

The client, Rendalls award-winning online butcher, were seeking a fast, user-friendly and stylish eCommerce solution for customers looking to buy meat online. A traditional, small Scottish butcher, Rendalls are commendable in the way that they are adapting their business model to keep up to date with the increased trend for online shopping in all aspects of modern consumer’s life, from furniture and fashion to groceries and butcher meat.

Rendalls new site blends functionality with an attractive design which is clean and simple without being too bland or generic as some website design is becoming these days. We opted for a design which we felt reflected the unique character and personality of the business involved.

Rendalls are renowned for being passionate and professional craft butchers with many unusual, mouthwatering one-off recipes available on their site such as their famed Buckfast Bangers – sausages created using a popular brand of fortified tonic wine. Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous why not sample their Devils Sausage which is 450 times hotter than Tabasco sauce!

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s easy to shop for meat online with Rendalls Online Butcher. And if you’re looking to stock up your freezer and save money, you’ll be pleased to learn that delivery on any order over the value of £75 is completely free.


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