Tawk.to: The Best Free Live Chat Software?

Searching for the best live chat software? Online shoppers often have questions before they buy – a live chat service allows them to chat to you (or your sales staff) to get these questions answered, before continuing on to make their purchase. Giving them the confidence in their decision to buy from you.

Often buyers can be wary of purchasing online from a new store for the first time. All the more reason to pro-actively show these potential customers there’s a human presence behind the online shop they’re browsing. There are a multitude of options when looking for the best live chat software for your own website.

One such option available, is a live chat service called Tawk.to (or Tawk for short). Tawk is a free live chat system that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website, messaging your visitors in real time.

Tawk is 100% free and according to its creators, there will never be any charge to use the service, or indeed any annoying ads to comprehend. When starting out in e-commerce costs can sometimes be high. Therefore it’s a breath of fresh air to see that the quality of their live chat software has not been sacrificed, just to achieve the zero price tag – which is often the case these days.

An account can be set up within a couple of minutes, so it’s reasonably quick to get started. It’s also completely unlimited, there are no restrictions on how many Websites, Agents or Chats you can set up within the software.

In terms of getting to grips with Tawk on a daily basis for your store’s live chat, it’s much easier than you might expect. Once installed, it’s fairly self-explanatory and can be managed with relative ease. Chats appear on your left hand side with available visitor info, with your main chat window on the right. Sound and visual alerts make it clear when there’s a potential customer looking to engage with you.

Tawk certainly deserves a mention for being so cost effective, and a quality application, especially at the low price point of free.

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