Elmtree: Luxury Pet Hotel in London

If you’re going away on holiday and looking to find Doggy Day Care in London, you needn’t look any further than the Elmtree Pet Hotel. Whether it’s a day trip, a long weekend or two weeks in the sunshine, they’ll be more than happy to look after your best friend whilst you’re away.

The state of the art luxury pet hotel is the perfect environment for dogs, cats or even smaller animals seeking somewhere relaxing and inviting to spend a few days or a few weeks. Located in Hilly Fields Country Park in London, Elmtree pride themselves on contemporary pet boarding facilities with a range of fantastic amenities such as a grooming spa and gym.

Your pet will be attended to 24/7 by a dedicated team of highly trained staff who will pamper your pet’s every need. The idyllic grounds of the hotel provide the perfect setting for woodland walks so that your pet can get some fresh air and outdoor exercise. Then, once they get back to the suite they will be enable to enjoy such luxuries as an indoor gym and heated floors. Their mission is to ensure that your pet has as good a time as you do whilst you’re away on holiday!

Another service Elmtree Pet Hotel offer is training and education, with an assortment of different classes to help improve your dog’s obedience. Their team of highly qualified trainers have lots of experience in canine care, training, welfare and behaviour to help bring out the best in your pet. The grooming parlour and spa is also popular with pet owners simply looking to pamper their cat or dog for a day.

All breeds and sizes are catered to and services offered include include jacuzzi spa bath, pawdicures, bathing, de-mating and detangling, ear cleaning, micro-chipping, tick removal, worming and much more. Your pet is sure to come away feeling healthy, happy and completely relaxed.

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