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E-commerce Automation Key for Small Webshops

29 Jul
29th July 2016

E-commerce automation is important, because it’s one of the best ways to ensure profitability and efficiency as an online store grows. Time is money and needs put to good use. In addition, it’s just good sense to streamline your business operations.

The concept of automation has negative connotations to many. For instance, many small business owners see the word ‘automation’ and think of conveyor belts and machines and outraged customers. But automation can be applied on a much smaller and more managable scale. Most of us aren’t running Amazon-sized retail machines, yet.

In real life e-commerce automation needn’t be a big deal, it’s all about reducing your own precious time on repetitive tasks. Letting technology do the boring bits, freeing you up to get on with growing your business (or just relaxing a bit more as the competition sweats it).

Here’s a few examples of business areas which lend themselves well to automation:

  • Emails to request feedback

A pretty obvious one, but surprising how few small companies actually do this properly. Feedback from customers is the only way to judge how well you’re meeting their needs. It’s potentially also a second sale from them in the making. Asking for feedback also proves a clever way of prising out potential order issues sooner, stemming the flow of any order queries.

  • Order processing + shipping

Shipping agents and courier companies don’t all offer decent e-commerce integrations, so be sure to check into this when reviewing your options. Data entry from A to B can be slow or frustrating when dealing with many orders at a time. Automating shipping operations with your carrier can save valuable hours of time.

  • Environmental variables

What is the weather like where your shoppers are? What’s the average income there? Is your customer in a rush or clicking-cooly? Using all the lookup technology and visitor info you can to offer the most relevant products to your customers can be an excellent strategy depending on what you sell. For instance an outdoor-wear shop may choose to market umbrellas to wet areas, and shorts to the dry. Sell time-saving products to the busy, and time-fillers to the bored. Automation can help create value for your visitors. In turn it boosts your sales and keeps you relevant in your marketplace.

Some new store owners are fearful of e-commerce automation and often think it will make their service less personal. The reality is though, that it can be implemented with as much or as little personalisation as you like. Perfect, personal ‘hand-written’ emails, for instance can still be automated.

Another common myth is that jobs should then be cut and work reduced in general. This isn’t always the case, as real human input and contact will always be important for any business. It’s instead better to use the time freed up from automation to actually help staff in their work. Perhaps allowing them to branch out into other areas, using their time more efficiently, and helping the business to be more successful overall. Time saved could be spent marketing (basically anything is better than needless admin work, we’re sure you’ll agree).

One way to think of this approach is “intelligent automation”. Putting these concepts into action can be powerful and profitable, and help to grow your small business dramatically.

Brocksbushes: Farm Shop & Pick Your Own Fruit

28 Jul
28th July 2016

From its humble origins as a tiny farm shop which was only open eight weeks of the year, Brocksbushes has evolved into an acclaimed farm shop, tea room and garden/gift centre with its very own online click and collect service.

Open year round seven days a week, Brocksbushes also has its own Pick Your Own service and free customer parking. During summer customers are granted access to 35 acres of soft fruit and there’s also a 2 acre growing area for asparagus which is cut fresh for sale in the farm shop during the spring months.

Priding themselves on their ethos of offering only the finest fresh produce, a visit to Brocksbushes promises to be a fantastic experience whether you are shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, dining out in the tea room, or looking for shopping for a unique garden gift for a loved one. Their website has lots of news and details of upcoming events that they are hosting.

If you aren’t able to visit Brocksbushes personally, a visit to their dedicated online shop is definitely worth your while. From groceries and deli produce to hardwood logs, hampers and homemade desserts, there’s an eclectic selection of products available to choose from. You’ll get all the fine quality of homemade, fresh, seasonal ingredients combined with the speed, ease and convenience of online shopping – the best of both worlds!

The online store has a large gift category if you are searching for something unique for an upcoming birthday or similar special occasion. If you aren’t sure what to purchase someone as a gift, why not purchase a gift voucher for them to allow them to treat themselves. You can select either a gift token of a specific denomination, or you can send an online gift voucher to the intended recipient’s email address directly to the value of anything between £10 and £1000 depending on how generous you’re feeling!

Brocksbushes quick and convenient click and collect service enables you to select all the items you want on your computer, phone or tablet and then collect at your convenience, ensuring your order is ready for immediate uplift as soon as you arrive. You merely need to specify your intended date of collection when completing the checkout process.

Brocksbushes mouthwatering range of homemade sandwiches, desserts and pies are ideal if you are planning on entertaining guests and want to serve them with top gourmet fare. With everything from quiches, pasties, croustades, gourmet sandwiches, luxury cheesecakes, pavlovas and gateaus, there’s sure to be something to whet your appetite.

The New Elmtree Pet Hotel Website

27 Jul
27th July 2016

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new website for the Elmtree Pet Hotel, London’s premier luxury dog and cat boarding solution. If you’ve made plans for the summer and are concerned about where to leave your beloved canine or feline friend, you needn’t look any further than the Elmtree Pet Hotel. Sure, leaving your pet with friends or family might be an option, but can you be sure they will be receiving the very best in terms of care and attention? When you enlist their services, you are guaranteed that your dog or cat will be attended to by a team of friendly, considerate, caring and knowledgable professionals around the clock.

Their legendary doggy day care service boasts an assortment of state of the art facilities from luxury bedding and splash pools to massive enclosed outdoor areas for your pet to play. Each guest’s stay will be tailored to their own idiosyncrasies and needs, so whether your dog is introverted and quiet or energetic and active, they are sure to have the time of their life at the Elmtree Pet Hotel.

The Elmtree Pet Hotel is also renowned for its prestigious cattery. It’s actually one of the foremost Feline Advisory Bureau listed catteries in the whole of London and boasts 30 dedicated suites alongside six family suites. Your pet is sure to feel pampered with under-floor heating, manicuring pads, a chauffeur collection service, and an assortment of posts, toys, tunnels and other entertaining diversions.

When you check your pet into the Elmtree Pet Hotel as a guest, you can rest assured that all their nutritional needs and medicative needs will be met by our staff who take your pets health and well-being as an utmost priority. They use only the finest hypoallergenic dry food as standard, or if your pet prefers wet food they can also cater to this requirement. If you prefer to maintain your own feeding routine you may also bring food along with you. You’ll also be relieved to learn that the Elmtree Pet Hotel benefits from 24 hour veterinary access.

The brand new Elmtree website will continue to be a great resource for more information on their luxury pet boarding and London doggy day care service with lots of details on the available facilities along with pictures showing the level of luxury available to your pet.