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NE Geocaching Supplies: Geocaching and Munzee Store

15 Jul
15th July 2016

There’s been a lot of hype recently around augmented reality games and outdoor pursuits which heavily utilise technology to create a more rich and interactive experience for the player. You may have heard of Geocaching and Munzee fairly recently as a result or maybe you’re already a dedicated enthusiast. Either way, the place you should be immediately headed for advice, information and equipment is NE Geocaching Supplies.

These guys have everything the Geocacher or Munzee player could possibly need, all within one easy to navigate website. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced player, NE Geocaching Supplies will have something that you are bound to need to take your game to the next level. With everything from trackable items, cache containers and caching essentials as well as a broad range of other miscellaneous outdoor items that are sure to come in useful, this website will suit you whether you are just starting out or you just need that one specific item. They’re also the UK’s only officially authorised Munzee dealer and you even get a free Munzee gift with orders over £40. Spend over £20 on geocaching items and you’ll get a Guardian Angel Tag thrown in completely free of charge.

Aside from retailing geocaching and Munzee products, NE Geocaching Supplies are also renowned for their ability to custom create personalised trackables, clothing and merch, handling everything from design to manufacture in-house. They can do this for individual players and can also handle the demands of national and international events. Another cool thing about this site is a section called the Suggestion Box. Here, players are invited to put forth their own innovative ideas for Geocaching products. All ideas are treated with the strictest confidence and if NE Geocaching Supplies sees commercial viability in your suggestion, not only will it be manufactured and sent to you but you’ll also be subject to financial remuneration based on sales over time!

As well as providing equipment and products for the Geocacher or Munzee player, NE Geocaching Supplies also have a veritable treasure trove of information on their website designed to provide assistance and support for players. They also host competitions on their site, so it’s worth checking back frequently to learn about giveaways and promotions. You’ll also get lots of news and info on upcoming events, making this site a great resource overall for the Geocaching or Munzee enthusiast.

Uptime Robot: Free Website Monitoring

14 Jul
14th July 2016

So, how about a website monitoring service which is not only excellent but is completely free for basic use?

We thought you might say yes to this. Uptime Robot is one such service. We’ll go into a little depth on its features. And why it’s important to have a website monitoring solution working for you.

Uptime Robot is a cloud-based website monitoring service. Add your website(s) to your account, then specify your URL and check interval. If your site goes down, you’ll get an email, and they’ll send you an email when your site goes up again as well.

The basic service is completely free of charge for 50 sites, checked every 5 minutes. If like us you need more monitors and more responsive monitoring, the Pro Plans offer virtually unlimited monitors, along with monitoring down to the minute. The pro plans also allow for SMS notifications if you’re out and about a lot. The price is entirely justified for the peace of mind, and is great value when built into your web hosting offering as well.

There are a few main reasons it’s important to keep an eye on your websites uptime:

  • If your website is down, you can’t get new customers/visitors, and may lose revenue
  • Downtime and poor access will have a negative impact on your SEO
  • It’s an easy way to ensure your hosting provider is delivering the promised uptime.

It’s worth noting too; you can also use Uptime Robot for monitoring Keywords, Pings or even specific Ports on your server. This can come in really handy when it’s not just HTTP/Web Access you need to keep an eye on. For instance, you could monitor a VoIP phone system, or an email server.

It offers a pretty full-featured API too, so if you need to build in your stats or uptime status to other apps, you’re good to go.

If visual data is your thing, the online dashboard features a “TV Mode”, which is a great way to display your uptime visually across a number of sites.

Why Blogging is an Essential Component of Any Marketing Strategy

06 Jul
6th July 2016

There are many reasons why blogging is great for e-commerce. As well as helping to drive traffic to your website, promote brand awareness, and inform customers of news and offers, blogging also has many technical SEO benefits to provide for your website.

It’s no secret that Google loves fresh, dynamic content and therefore any blog on your domain which is consistently producing new posts on your area of expertise is bound to be viewed favourably by Google’s algorithms. Strategic links back to your own main site are a great way of increasing page ranking, as are link exchanges with other online brands.

As well as the technical SEO benefits, content marketing in and of itself cannot be underestimated as a means of driving traffic and increasing conversions. In order to do this, it’s important that you build up a following for your blog which means, first and foremost, only producing high quality content. Weak, derivative, link-cluttered clickbait simply isn’t going to cut it here.

So we’ve established that blogging for e-commerce is far more compulsory than you may have realised. The next stage in the content marketing lifestyle is to share your content far and wide; place links to your blog posts across all of your social media channels and also look at having these links shared by influencers within your industry wherever possible. Premium quality content is great, but it’s not worth as much if no-one’s going to see it.

You should also place careful consideration on the type of content you are producing. As well as writing articles on trending topics, it’s also important to have evergreen content – blog posts which cover perennial topics that are always going to be popular within Google searches. Such blog posts will index higher over time, attract more traffic, and inevitably provide more conversions.

Google Analytics will prove to be an invaluable tool when it comes to monitoring blog traffic, analysing conversion rates and working out which types of article and topic are proving to be more popular and more profitable. In this way you can put your blog to use in a wider SEO and content marketing strategy over time.

In instances of popular blog posts, it’s worth considering re-purposing content that has performed well for you, either in a guest-blogging capacity or by re-working old blog posts into other shareable forms of online content; think infographics, videos or online slideshows. These can also be shared across your social media channels with captivating pull-quotes taken from the blog text to capture your audience’s attention and imagination. There are a number of creative ways you can promote content online and drive traffic back to your website; the sky’s the limit here.