Do you need a bit more adventure in your life? If you just answered that question in the affirmative, I must immediately direct you to the website of Trueways Survival! These guys prides themselves on being the UK’s foremost provider of bushcraft and survival courses. You can peruse details of the many various courses they offer on their website and, once you’ve decided which one is right for you, you can purchase immediately online.

Trueways Survival offer an impressively vast array of different courses and packages for different location preferences and skill levels. Whether you prefer woodland, coastal, urban or even Arctic survival scenarios, the company will have something for you. These courses are not only fantastic fun, they provide an immersive experience that will allow you to broaden your knowledge of survival skills and they will provide you with training that you never know when you might need! Everything from the basic fundamentals to more advanced training is offered by passionate, experienced, professional instructors. Trueways Survival also offer courses in map reading and navigation as well medical survival skills. Not only are these courses very rewarding, they will also help you feel more confident and prepared as you go about your day-to-day life.

Are you looking to book a corporate team-building event that will help boost staff morale and instil an ethos which emphasises the importance of teamwork? Trueways Survival offer team-building exercises which are all day events available in a number of different locations across the UK. Or perhaps you are trying to plan the most epic and unique hen or stag do of all time. The company also offer many stag and hen weekend packages during which you will learn vital survival skills including fire lighting, shelter construction, food preparation, and much much more.

As well as survival courses, Trueways Survival also pride themselves on their extensive range of bushcraft courses where you can master the art of building shelters and lighting fires in the wilderness under expert supervision. Family courses are also available if you want to get away from it all one weekend and spend some quality time with the family. The website also offers gift packs if you’re stuck for inspiration when it’s coming close to a loved one’s birthday or Christmas.

As well as providing an assortment of survival and bushcraft courses, Trueways Survival are also an online retailer of survival equipment which can be purchased directly from their website. The company provide everything from clothing such as jackets and gloves, to tents, cooking equipment, flasks, hammocks, knives, sleeping bags, navigation tools and a lot more besides!

So all in all, Trueways Survival have a lot to offer, and it’s all presented via an easy to navigate and impressively stylish modern website. They also have a great YouTube channel with an array of instructive, interesting videos to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of important survival skills.

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