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Local Event Sponsorship: Cyclocross Case Study

07 Mar
7th March 2017

Cyclocross, or ‘Cx’. One of the craziest and exciting forms of cycling and bicycle racing imaginable. If you’ve never seen it, imagine taking a bicycle more suited to road riding, and putting it on the most obstacle laden course you can find. Make sure that there are plenty of roots, rocks, and tight turns as well as cold rain and mud. And if that’s not enough, make sure that the courses have hurdles that you have to carry your bike over (unless you are exceptionally skilled) and hill climbs that you can’t ride.

Not only is the racing exciting but no two races are ever alike. As well, the people that are involved and riding tend to be great and very positive, and the sport is too. In years of being involved in sport, you’ll never seen one quite as welcoming of people from any conceivable background or skill level – with the only requirement being that you want to be there.

This is somewhat ironic as it does seem that the vast majority of racers arrive claiming they aren’t looking forward to the race and that they hate it, only to finish covered in mud, often battered, and sometimes with broken bikes, elated and exclaiming it’s the most fun thing they’ve ever done! It’s no wonder it’s currently the fastest growing area of cycling. But what does this have to do with business success?

Cyclocross is a grassroots sport, and though many of the races are only supported by a few key businesses, some of them receive huge support from various businesses in both sponsorship and presence, with many of these not even being directly related to cycling at all. What’s really amazing though, from a spectators standpoint; you see these sponsoring businesses and remember them because they’re so rare (and many of us don’t often pay attention to sponsors these days). But like the sport itself, you can see the welcome and support of the sponsors, and remember them for it.

You’ll remember the helmet manufacturers, the bicycle shops, and the bicycle component makers. But also the non-cycling businesses; the snack bar company, the hat company, etc…

Not only that, but there are dozens of photographers going to Cyclocross races and all these sponsors tents and banners wind up in the photos that are then shared and seen on social media – not only by the racers, but the uninvolved friends of the racers. This means extra exposure and visibility.

One of the trickiest things to do as a business, especially a small one or a start-up is to get the word out and be visible. Consider for a moment the possibility of getting involved in a local sport, social activity, or any event where you can take part and support it. You get direct visibility and if you can be present, you get direct contact to meet and talk to your customers. In a business world where everything is going online and remote, personal contact can be a memorable and powerful key to success – one which is often overlooked.

And if you get involved in an event that has little to no support otherwise, you will have little if any competition, and people will remember you for caring enough about them and what they are doing. That memory will inevitably pop up when those people are shopping for what you sell.

Top 5 Best OpenCart Themes for New Webshops

06 Mar
6th March 2017

Are you going to set up and run your business online? It’s really easy to make up your mind nowadays with the variety of ready-made templates and engines that power them. Today we will talk about OpenCart – a free and open-source eCommerce platform that offers everything you need to create, scale and run your business, and we’ll cover a few of the best OpenCart themes for new webshops available.

It’s easy to start and run an eCommerce store. Let us recap the main benefits of OpenCart, then you will have an opportunity to view the professional templates, designed specifically for the platform and see how simple it is to launch your web store.

– The platform is open-source and free. Open source means transparency and freedom. Besides, OpenCart is supplied as a free download and offers free updates. No monthly fees (except for maybe your hosting, see our Guide to OpenCart Hosting).
– Manage your store with power. Benefit from OpenCart’s built-in SEO. Manage products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes and more easily.
– OpenCart provides the biggest selection of eCommerce modules to expand your store functionality, including some of the best OpenCart themes for new webshops.
– OpenCart empowers over 342,000 eCommerce Entrepreneurs all over the world.

Additionally, the OpenCart marketplace features 13,000+ modules and themes to quick-start, grow and expand your business. You can find beautiful themes for just about any sector; service integrations, payment providers, shipping methods, social media, marketing, accounting, reporting, sales and even language packs are all there.

The world’s most renowned payment gateways and shipping methods are integrated into OpenCart for you too: PayPal, amazon payments, Authorize.Net, Skrill, sage Pay, 2CO 2CHECKOUT, worldpay, Klarna, ups, FedEx, United States Postal Service, Australia Post, Parcel Force, and Royal Mail.

OpenCart forums are a great way to get community support. With more than 110,000 registered members and 550,000+ posts you will become a part of one of the biggest online eCommerce communities.

What’s more, you even don’t need to design your web store from scratch. Use premium OpenCart templates from a trustworthy provider like the ones you see below. All you need to do having a template at hand is just change the default content to your own and start to process orders (of course, you’ll need to get a jump-start on your online marketing, but we’ll cover that in our other guides!) – here we’re going to cover some of the best OpenCart themes for new webshops to give you some inspiration. And don’t forget that 24/7 expert support service is always here to help you with any issue you might have with your template.

StoreFlex – Responsive Multipurpose OpenCart Template + RTL
StoreFlex isn’t just one more responsive theme. It’s a kind of evolution in OpenCart world. You pay for one template and get five different skins in the package: Fashion, Household Goods, Beauty, Food, Sports & Hobbies Supplies. You can easily create a thriving eCommerce site with more than 20 modules, which are ready to go live right out-of-the-box. The reason this is one of the best OpenCart themes for new webshops, is its versatility. The theme is equipped with an intuitive layout builder that makes it possible to access an array of eCommerce projects on the fly. MegaMenu, RTL ready, multilanguage & multicurrency, product catalog, clients categories, gift certificates, smart product filtering, Ajax search, product badges, add to compare, wishlist, extensive color schemes and other elements are integrated into the theme to provide the end users with a seamless online shopping experience. Lookbook Product Presentation lets you showcase your store items in a captivating manner. A fully-featured blog is integrated to keep the audience updated on your latest company news. Storeflex is the template with the functionality to help you maintain your website easily, and its storytelling and design will make it appealing for the customers.


Musclecar – Car Parts Responsive OpenCart Template
If you want to ‘drive traffic’ to your auto parts online shop, grab this Spare Parts OpenCart Template. Its improved interface options can be tuned speedily with the drag-and-drop editor. Customization has never been so easy. With the help of minimalist design, attention is drawn to the products first. There is also a supplementary categories menu located in the left sidebar. You can use a special offer banner and product badges to make people notice and buy your top products. You can also add the desired items to a wishlist, and get back to it when needed, in a few clicks. Product filtering, intuitive search and informative product pages will take your website to the next level. Be up to date and use Car Parts OpenCart Template with its excellent functionality.


Plus Sizes OpenCart Template
This Trendy Clothing OpenCart Theme was developed especifically for fashion stores. It has a minimalist layout. It lets the visitors focus on the clothing that is being offered. Therefore this is hands-down one of the best OpenCart themes for new webshops going into the fashion business. A big slider highlights discounted offers and new collections. Text and visual banners facilitate the clean main navigation menu. Featured products are provided with interactive hover effects. Each item has a quick view function, so the buyer will be able to see it in detail before the purchase. The products have stickers, and additional icon-based buttons appear on mouse over.


Fresh Food – Healthy & Organic Food Store OpenCart Template
This responsive cross-browser compatible Healthy Food Store OpenCart Template is amongst the best OpenCart themes for new webshops planning to sell healthy products, fresh and organic food online. Increasing your database is done easily with a newsletter popup. Make more visitors sign up for your website newsletter, and build your mailing list on the fly. There is no need to hire a coder to change the look of your online store. Simply create and modify custom layouts with elements you like, by means of the layout builder. This customization tool allows you to switch colours within the template whenever needed. Parallax scrolling will help you make a deep impression on your audience. Product carousels and sliders will emphasize your exquisite items and focus attention on hot offers and special discounts. With advanced search, visitors can find exactly what they are looking for and then add it to a dropdown cart with a single click. This Healthy Food Store OpenCart Template is packed with features to help you sell online.


Big Bag – Handbag Store OpenCart Template
This theme is intended for an online bag, handbag or jewellery shop. Fashion Shop OpenCart Template will help you to implement all you desire; there is no need for endless scrolling, with a Back To Top button. Keep all necessary pages organized using the DropDown Menu, this option will provide a neat look for your online store. Live search will save your users time. A Facebook Like Box is available to help you gain followers and stay in touch with customers. Social options will boost sharing, commenting and liking. Fashion Shop OpenCart Template is easy to install and customize, so don’t worry, it’s a safe choice to use this when launching your online fashion store.

We hope this info will help you make a solid decision and to launch your successful OpenCart store.