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Cotswold RAW: Premium Raw Dog Food

21 Apr
21st April 2017

Considering switching over to a raw food diet for your dog or other pet? If so you’ve probably heard about BARF from Cotswold RAW, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet and involves feeding your pet food which is similar to what their natural diet would be, i.e. raw meat, bones, fruit and vegetable. One of the major benefits of this is that your dog gets a lot of nutrients such as natural minerals which will improve your pet’s overall health and well-being.

There are also many more advantages to serving a BARF diet to your dog. All those extra nutrients will improve the health of your pet’s skin and the shininess of their coat whilst also enhancing the strength of their bones and joints. They’ll also have better teeth and an overall improved level of dental hygiene whilst also benefiting from a better balanced body mass. Best of all, their temperament will improve – a healthy dog is a happy dog!

There are various online suppliers of raw food including Cotswold RAW, a brand who pride themselves on providing meals which offer all the enzymes, minerals, proteins and minerals that your pets need. The important thing to remember is that cats and dogs are carnivores by nature which means that a diet which is high in what would be natural prey for them is much more suitable than processed food. Cotswold RAW deliver meals which contain all the health benefits of such a diet combined with the speed and simplicity of ready-made pet food.

Drawing on the expertise and advice of experienced and knowledgable canine nutritionists, the Cotswold RAW recipe offers just the right ratio of raw meat to vegetables. There are essentially three different versions, so you can choose the one which will work best for your pet. These are:

  • 80/20 – this is the standard recipe which contains 80 percent meat to 20 percent fruit and vegetables.
  • 90/10 – this recipe has been designed especially for dogs who need that little bit more energy. It’s 90 percent meat to 10 percent veg and, as such, is perfect for working dogs.
  • 70/30 – could your pet do with losing some weight? With 70 percent meat and 30 percent veggies, the 70/30 solution is ideal if you want lower fat pet food.

Switching to a raw diet is very easy and you’ll probably find that your dog will get stuck in right away. If you prefer, you can alternate between raw food and your dog’s current diet, switching over for each consecutive meal over a week or so to allow your pet to get used to their new raw diet. You may notice that your dog drinks less water after switching to a raw diet. This is nothing to be alarmed about – there’s a perfectly good reason to be this. Raw food contains naturally more moisture as opposed to kibble and the like, which means your dog will be naturally less thirsty as a result. You should of course always ensure your dog has a plentiful supply of fresh drinking water all the same.

For more information on feeding your dog raw food, check out the Cotswold Raw feeding guide which contains lots of valuable information such as how much to feed and how often to do so. It’s designed to offer information on all sizes and breeds of dog. Aside from this, the website is laden with useful facts and information. If you have any queries there’s an FAQ or you can also contact the Cotswold RAW team directly – they’ll be more than happy to address any questions you may have about feeding your pet a raw diet.

Top Five Practical Tips for Staying Motivated as an Online Start-up

11 Apr
11th April 2017

Self improvement and motivational speaking seem to be all the rage these days. And whilst reading a list of clichéd quotes about comfort zones and blue sky thinking may help inspire you momentarily, it can be tough to keep grinding away day after day when pursuing your own new online start-up idea. After the initial enthusiasm has evaporated and you’re left with a lot of hard work and uncertainty ahead of you, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain motivation. We thought we’d share our list of practical tips for staying motivated, which you can incorporate into your daily life to help give you that slight edge when it comes to remaining energised and inspired.

Build Good Habits

The measure of a person’s success can often depend largely on habits, whether they be good or bad. Habits can be surprisingly easy to develop, sometimes without you even noticing. Bad habits can keep you stuck and grounded whilst maintaining and nurturing positive habits such as exercise and healthy eating can do wonders for your frame of mind, creativity and motivation. The key here is to make small changes – don’t rush towards impossible goals straight away. Continually make small daily improvements with achievable goals.

Break Bigger Tasks Down

We’re all familiar with that daunting feeling of facing what feels like an insurmountable challenge. It’s very easy to procrastinate and put off making a start on a job which feels overwhelmingly large. But once you break it down into smaller jobs, you’ll be surprised at how much quicker and easier it can seem.

Love What You Do

Passion is a term that’s bandied around a lot these days, so much so that it almost makes us feel guilty if we aren’t gushing with complete enthusiasm and joy on a daily basis. There is a lot of truth to the wisdom that being passionate about what you do will lead to a richer life, both financially and spiritually. Passion can be that all important catalyst that drives ideas and encourages tireless persistence to give you that all important edge in the modern business landscape.

Maintain an Uncluttered Workspace

This one is easy to forget about and neglect, especially on a hectic day. But taking just a few minutes to de-clutter your workspace will vastly improve your frame of mind and clear your head. As well as papers, post-its and coffee cups on your physical workspace that need to be organised and tidied away, it’s also a good idea to keep your computer desktop tidy and organised as well – it gives you that small feeling of control and staying on top of things that will seep through into other jobs you are undertaking during the workday.

Take Breaks

This one can also be easy to forget about if you have a big workload before you. But the truth of the matter is that your focus, motivation, concentration and performance will all suffer if you work away too long without giving yourself a proper break. Short, regular breaks such as 15 minutes for every hour will keep you fully energised and motivated so that you can accomplish more when you get back to the grindstone!

Have we forgotten anything? If we’ve missed any tips for staying motivated, leave a comment below!

The Benefits of using a VPN Service

10 Apr
10th April 2017

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, involves extending a private network over the Internet in order to secure and encrypt data. VPNs have many applications and benefits, both for companies and individuals. In this article we’re going to take a closer look at some of the main benefits of using a VPN service.

Increased Security

These days data breaches and computer hackers are very real concerns. By far the most obvious advantage of utilising a VPN is the extra security you are afforded. Connecting to a VPN typically involves logging in via a website or VPN client, after which the data you send and receive is encrypted. This is especially useful if you are connecting to a public network and you want peace of mind that your data will not be intercepted and exploited.

Increased Productivity

If you wish to work from home or wish to access company resources whilst travelling between meetings, a VPN can enable you to access information remotely. As well as having business applications, VPNs utilised in this manner can prove to be extremely convenient for students, researchers and government organisations.

Enhanced Connectivity

VPNs can be used to improve network performance, especially if you are connecting to a network which is far from where you are physically. In this instance you can use a local VPN to increase bandwidth and enhance network efficiency.


Whilst software which hides your IP or web proxies can be used to provide online anonymity, a VPN allows you to use web applications and access websites in total anonymity. This is handy if you don’t wish to fall prey to hackers or get pestered by marketing companies who are collecting information on you based on your Internet activity.

Change Your IP and Bypass Filters

You can use a VPN if you require an IP address from another country, for example if you wished to circumvent certain geographical restrictions. You’ll also be able to get past Internet filters which could theoretically prove useful if you are in a country where Internet censorship is in place. It’s important that at this point we mention that you should use your discretion – we are definitely not endorsing unlawful behaviour here!

As you can see, there are a multitude of uses and advantages when it comes to VPNs. Whether you are a business owner seeking a secure method of sharing files between employees or a person who is on the move a lot and wishes to retain privacy and anonymity when connecting to unsecured public networks, the benefits of using a VPN service are definitely something to consider.