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Motivational: Starting Up a New Business

30 Aug
30th August 2017

Ah, you’ve finally developed that great idea you have. You’ve created the perfect product that the market needs and you’re excited to get it out there. You know that this item is what so many people are looking for. Now to go into business, get this thing sold, improve and benefit other people’s lives and, be your own boss… it’s exciting!

But, then you start to look at what setting up a business includes; Registering and paying taxes, choosing how to handle VAT so that you don’t alienate your customers before you even start, or equally as bad, after, or for yourself into a financial loss. Wondering where to find, what kind, or if you even need insurance. Debating how to protect your copyrightable assets. How to market, where to sell, setting up an online shop… The list goes on! And do you even have any or all of the knowledge in these areas to be able to maintain and manage them to sell your brilliant product in the way it needs to be sold?

Then you realise that while you’ve been busy developing your product, you haven’t had any time left to do all these other extras you’ve now discovered you need. You sit, thinking about this great product that will now disappear in the abyss, not because it’s a bad product, but because setting up and running a business is so complicated.

But it’s not, really. Looking at your brilliant product, you see a stunning end result. But, as you bask in its glory, you forget the trials and tribulations you went through to create it. You forget the long nights, perhaps after your day job has finished. You forget the numerous mistakes you make, backtracking and throwing failed ideas away. You forget the days when you were stumped, out of ideas, and too tired to work. Yet, you sit looking at this great product you created, impressed with your abilities.

Developing a business is just the same. Stage one is the repeated failures that developed into the great product you have. It’s the result of taking small steps, making small choices, thousands of decisions that, when all were filtered and organised, resulted in the ideal set of conditions that helped you create your brilliant product. And you made each and every one of those thousands of decisions. You probably didn’t know it, but you were also learning and discovering along the way, working through new things that you had never worked through before. But you did it, most likely because it was enjoyable.

But we never see ‘setting up a business’ as enjoyable. It’s the side that most of us small business owners probably dislike the most, or do only because it has to be done to get our ideas out there. That, is the difference.

You see, all the steps to setting up a small business, stage two, are all the same steps that you put into creating your product. Making mistakes then fixing them, exploring and learning new ideas, getting stumped then finding the solution after taking a break, meeting people, making thousands of small decisions that add up to the end result of a business.

When you created your product, you probably never thought about the whole thing, in it’s entirely, complete and perfect. When you created it, you probably discovered many failures that you improved on. If you’re like most of us though, you probably envision your business complete; set in stone, unable to be changed, and that you have one, and only one, chance to get it right.

But it’s not true, really. A business is just another aspect of your product. Something you can take your time with and enjoy. You will have thousands of steps to take to get your business up and running so why try to do it in one big leap? Take the small steps, enjoy them and find something great in each one. Discover something new and seek out or meet other people who might be able to help you. Who knows, they might need your product or know of others who will (that’s sales without trying).

When we look at the complexity and immensity of something huge, especially if it’s out of our comfort zone, we are often intimidated and become fearful. The key is to turn that around so that we are not afraid. Every now and then, forget about the big picture, look at one small step you can take that will move you forward. Keep in mind, if the details are right, the big picture will be right. Always remember too, just like your product, nothing is set in stone when setting up your business. Go back and change it if a decision doesn’t work out. Just take exactly what you did with your product and apply it to setting up your business. You’ve done it before, and now it should be even easier with all your experience. Make things easy so that they can be enjoyable. Don’t worry about money; find an accountant to keep things in order. Don’t worry about the technicalities too much; find a sharp legal mind if you’re concerned about something. If you have no idea about online shops, hire an e-commerce specialist. Outsourcing is taking the big leaps, and turning them into just another of the thousand easy decisions, keeping it easy and manageable.

Gluten Free Meats Now Easier to Buy Online

30 Aug
30th August 2017

If you’ve been searching for a UK butcher stocking Gluten Free Meats, you might in the past have had some difficulty. The big name supermarkets have certainly improved their “Free From” offerings, but gluten free meat doesn’t seem to have been as carefully considered. Lack of choice where gluten free foods are concerned has always been an issue, and continues to be a problem in many areas.

Thankfully, Rendalls Online Butcher – a traditional Scottish butcher based in Stirling, UK – have a solution to this problem. Rendalls offer a fantastic selection of gluten free meats, with free delivery on orders over £75, and provide an easy and secure website to order with.

More people now than ever are turning to shopping for their groceries online, and certainly meat products are no exception.

Of course, the main staples for most meat-eaters are usually burgers and sausages. Rendalls have you covered with gluten free steak, pork and chicken burgers, and also beef, cumberland and pork sausages… enough to satisfy even the most veteran of BBQ experts!

If you’re looking for something a little different instead, you might also happen upon gluten free offerings of steak pie, black pudding and lorne sausage. Also shaking things up a bit, exotic meats are a brilliantly low fat, nutritious alternative to traditional meats.

For those with a hankering for seafood, be sure to peruse their section of fresh fish, with everything from Haddock, to Cod, to Sea Bream easy to shop online. The health and nutritional benefits of fresh fish are clear to see – it’s good for you, it tastes amazing and it’s a definite way to change things up in the kitchen!

Delivery terms are fair, with orders being delivered chilled in secure packaging. You can also select a preferred delivery date at checkout.

It’s worth noting that they do handle other glutenous products in the building, although Rendalls do take great care in their preperation.

It’s great to see a British butcher taking it upon themselves to offer such a great choice of gluten free meats and deli items. We’ve teamed up with Rendalls to offer you an awesome 10% off your first order, exclusive to OST readers – use coupon code FIRST10 at checkout – you can thank us later!

Cotswold RAW: Premium Raw Dog Food

21 Apr
21st April 2017

Considering switching over to a raw food diet for your dog or other pet? If so you’ve probably heard about BARF from Cotswold RAW, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet and involves feeding your pet food which is similar to what their natural diet would be, i.e. raw meat, bones, fruit and vegetable. One of the major benefits of this is that your dog gets a lot of nutrients such as natural minerals which will improve your pet’s overall health and well-being.

There are also many more advantages to serving a BARF diet to your dog. All those extra nutrients will improve the health of your pet’s skin and the shininess of their coat whilst also enhancing the strength of their bones and joints. They’ll also have better teeth and an overall improved level of dental hygiene whilst also benefiting from a better balanced body mass. Best of all, their temperament will improve – a healthy dog is a happy dog!

There are various online suppliers of raw food including Cotswold RAW, a brand who pride themselves on providing meals which offer all the enzymes, minerals, proteins and minerals that your pets need. The important thing to remember is that cats and dogs are carnivores by nature which means that a diet which is high in what would be natural prey for them is much more suitable than processed food. Cotswold RAW deliver meals which contain all the health benefits of such a diet combined with the speed and simplicity of ready-made pet food.

Drawing on the expertise and advice of experienced and knowledgable canine nutritionists, the Cotswold RAW recipe offers just the right ratio of raw meat to vegetables. There are essentially three different versions, so you can choose the one which will work best for your pet. These are:

  • 80/20 – this is the standard recipe which contains 80 percent meat to 20 percent fruit and vegetables.
  • 90/10 – this recipe has been designed especially for dogs who need that little bit more energy. It’s 90 percent meat to 10 percent veg and, as such, is perfect for working dogs.
  • 70/30 – could your pet do with losing some weight? With 70 percent meat and 30 percent veggies, the 70/30 solution is ideal if you want lower fat pet food.

Switching to a raw diet is very easy and you’ll probably find that your dog will get stuck in right away. If you prefer, you can alternate between raw food and your dog’s current diet, switching over for each consecutive meal over a week or so to allow your pet to get used to their new raw diet. You may notice that your dog drinks less water after switching to a raw diet. This is nothing to be alarmed about – there’s a perfectly good reason to be this. Raw food contains naturally more moisture as opposed to kibble and the like, which means your dog will be naturally less thirsty as a result. You should of course always ensure your dog has a plentiful supply of fresh drinking water all the same.

For more information on feeding your dog raw food, check out the Cotswold Raw feeding guide which contains lots of valuable information such as how much to feed and how often to do so. It’s designed to offer information on all sizes and breeds of dog. Aside from this, the website is laden with useful facts and information. If you have any queries there’s an FAQ or you can also contact the Cotswold RAW team directly – they’ll be more than happy to address any questions you may have about feeding your pet a raw diet.