The Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Business

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Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, involves using broadband Internet to utilise a telephone network instead of a traditional land-line system with analogue phones. These days, so much communication is conducted online via emails and messenger apps. However, if you’re a business owner you will know that customers by and large still like to pick up the phone and have a chat.


Using a VoIP service provider such as SureVoIP has an assortment of benefits for any business. One of the foremost advantages of adopting a VoIP network is how cost-effective it will be compared to having separate Internet and telephone. Just consider the cost of a long-distance call in comparison with using the Internet.

Excellent Adaptability

Another great thing about VoIP technology is how flexible it is depending on your needs as a business. If you’re switching to VoIP from a standard phone network, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can still utilise your conventional handset by making use of a VoIP telephone adaptor or a VoIP converter (a device which resembles a USB stick and can easily be inserted into any computer in your office). This nifty little device then converts analogue signals to digital ones, ready to transmit over the Internet.

Communicate on the Go

Another inherent benefit of switching to VoIP or setting it up from the get go is that it is extremely portable. You can log into your VoIP telephone from anywhere across the globe, provided you have access to a broadband Internet connection. This is incredibly handy if you are off on a business trip and seek an affordable and convenient means of maintaining contact with staff and clients. You merely need to bring your headset or IP phone with you on your travels.

Easily Scalable

It can be difficult to foresee how many telephones and phone lines you’ll need over the coming business year. Money can be wasted on lines that, in the end, might not be necessary. This problem disappears completely with VoIP technology. It’s easy to add, remove or reassign a line as your business grows or scales back.

User Friendly

If you’ve only recently heard the term VoIP or learned about this technology, you may be daunted by what you perceive to be the associated technical considerations. You may be surprised to learn that installing and configuring a new IP phone is a remarkably quick and simple process, even if you have limited technological expertise. Adding, removing or changing users can be carried out extremely swiftly with an absolute minimum of hassle.

Hopefully this article has managed to convey to you some of the numerous benefits of using VoIP technology as a communications solution for your business. If you have any further queries or questions whatsoever, why not contact SureVoIP to learn more about VoIP and what it can do for you.

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