E-commerce Websites

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Hello, I’m Ben, a highly rated e-commerce website developer. If you’re looking to set up a new shopping cart website for your business, my outfit Philp eCommerce is ideally placed to be your development partner! We build and develop top tier e-commerce websites for our clients.


The unique approach taken by Philp eCommerce is often said to be outstanding, in comparison to that of most web design companies. Here’s our blurb to explain why:


  • Open Source

E-commerce websites built by Philp eCommerce are powered by OpenCart. This is an excellent open source shopping cart platform, and popular amongst the web design community. We fully embrace the nature of open source, encouraging our clients to learn more about the software if they’d like to.


  • Fast and Reliable

Housed on our Cloud Hosting platform, our e-commerce websites are highly optimised to provide maximum performance and availability, even under high demand. Never again will slow website performance impact your online sales either. Our average, independently monitored, 99.99%+ uptime speaks for itsself.


  • Safe and Secure

Philp eCommerce utilises many of the most robust online platforms available, ensuring a level of security previously unavailable to your business. Full DDOS Protection, Firewall Cloud and Daily Backups ensure problems are eliminated before they arise.


  • Involvement and Control

We actively encourage all clients to be in full control of their own e-commerce website, and provide powerful tools available around the clock. These can be used to manage all aspects of doing business online. Including Product/Category management, Sales/Customer management and Advanced Reporting.


  • Tried and Tested

Currently in use by multiple high-profile merchants (mostly retailers), our e-commerce websites prove to be an ideal solution for building successful online brands. We don’t shy away from helping our clients to succeed, and continually offer advice and suggestions to improve their sales.


  • Infinitely Flexible

One of the biggest advantages to working directly with an e-commerce developer, is that we can add new features as and when they are required. There is no new feature which can’t be added to your website. We custom code as far as possible (only where cost effective for clients), so we also understand the inner workings of all the sited we’ve produced. As opposed to many web design companies who only provide deployment services, we are completely full service.


  • Custom Integration

Because we code inside the software we use, we can integrate your e-commerce website with most other business software or systems you may already use. Further streamlining your business operations, and automating repetitive or complicated tasks.


  • Intelligent Automation

As your online e-commerce business grows, certain business-specific tasks often start to consume a large amount of time. We can help develop your website dashboard to automate these recurring tasks, reducing your admin burden considerably.


  • Highly Scalable

Our unique approach and offering has allowed merchants to achieve multi-million revenues, without compromising their model. We assist clients in acquiring repeat business through their e-commerce websites to make this happen.


  • Well Supported

Because our websites are fully maintained and developed in house, we offer an unrivalled level of customer support. When you contact us, you’ll always speak to an experienced e-commerce developer. See our excellent client reviews and feedback for confirmation of this!


Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat, so you can gauge if we’re the right e-commerce partner for you. Drop us an email using our contact form, or give us a ring on (+44) 0345 095 0236. We look forward to hearing from you!