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Email Blaster: Easiest Email Marketing Software

Before now I found it difficult to find email marketing software striking the right balance of being easy to use, reliable and cost effective. But fortunately, I stumbled across Email Blaster, which I now use and recommend. Email Blaster is an email marketing software package that ticks all the boxes!

The EB software in question is fully cloud based. Which means there’s nothing to install or download. Just create an account and get started (on any device).

The main plus point for me is the email builder, called cBuilder. The “big” email marketing providers all seem very clunky in comparison – whereas EB is the easiest I’ve found to use. Most of the features are accessible through a drag and drop interface which is very simple to get to grips with. There are multiple email templates too, so finding one which reflects your brand isn’t difficult. Or, you can code one up from scratch to import, if you prefer.

You can schedule your email campaigns for whenever – so it’s possible to spend 1 day building them for the coming months, and schedule them well in advance. The software integrates seamlessly with Social Media too, so your email blasts can also be pushed automatically to your Facebook and Twitter pages for added exposure.

You can set up multiple mailing lists inside of EB, which allows for targeted mailing campaigns and a greater return on the time/effort you put into your email marketing. The analytics section also allows you to see who received, opened or clicked on your email.

Support provided by EB is excellent, with really experienced staff at the other end of the phone/email – not automated telephone systems. They’re also 100% UK based, which is favourable for many reasons. Not only is it good for UK businesses to use email marketing software built in the UK, but it’s also good for email delivery rates, as opposed to sending from US servers for instance.

Email Blaster has quickly become a must-have tool for me. If you want to start email marketing for your own business or website, you can try Email Blaster free of charge – and better yet, if you’re pressed for time, you can hire Philp eCommerce to build your email campaign!

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  1. Interesting post. I’ve never heard about this software, though I’m using right now GetResponse. It’s also easy to use 🙂

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