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Gluten Free Meats Now Easier to Buy Online

30 Aug
30th August 2017

If you’ve been searching for a UK butcher stocking Gluten Free Meats, you might in the past have had some difficulty. The big name supermarkets have certainly improved their “Free From” offerings, but gluten free meat doesn’t seem to have been as carefully considered. Lack of choice where gluten free foods are concerned has always been an issue, and continues to be a problem in many areas.

Thankfully, Rendalls Online Butcher – a traditional Scottish butcher based in Stirling, UK – have a solution to this problem. Rendalls offer a fantastic selection of gluten free meats, with free delivery on orders over £75, and provide an easy and secure website to order with.

More people now than ever are turning to shopping for their groceries online, and certainly meat products are no exception.

Of course, the main staples for most meat-eaters are usually burgers and sausages. Rendalls have you covered with gluten free steak, pork and chicken burgers, and also beef, cumberland and pork sausages… enough to satisfy even the most veteran of BBQ experts!

If you’re looking for something a little different instead, you might also happen upon gluten free offerings of steak pie, black pudding and lorne sausage. Also shaking things up a bit, exotic meats are a brilliantly low fat, nutritious alternative to traditional meats.

For those with a hankering for seafood, be sure to peruse their section of fresh fish, with everything from Haddock, to Cod, to Sea Bream easy to shop online. The health and nutritional benefits of fresh fish are clear to see – it’s good for you, it tastes amazing and it’s a definite way to change things up in the kitchen!

Delivery terms are fair, with orders being delivered chilled in secure packaging. You can also select a preferred delivery date at checkout.

It’s worth noting that they do handle other glutenous products in the building, although Rendalls do take great care in their preperation.

It’s great to see a British butcher taking it upon themselves to offer such a great choice of gluten free meats and deli items. We’ve teamed up with Rendalls to offer you an awesome 10% off your first order, exclusive to OST readers – use coupon code FIRST10 at checkout – you can thank us later!

Top 5 Emerging E-Commerce Trends of 2017

21 Jan
21st January 2017

2017 is already shaping up to be an interesting year in many different ways, not least of which in the world of e-Commerce. Bearing in mind that it’s better to be aware of and prepared for forthcoming innovations before they become commonplace, in this post we’re going to be examining and analysing emerging e-Commerce trends. That way, you can stay ahead of the curve instead of choking on a mouthful of your competitor’s dust.

Mobile Payments

Since the introduction of Apple Pay in 2014 and Android Pay in 2015, making payments both physically and online using a mobile payment app has steadily increased in popularity. As more and more people download and rely on these apps to make their online shopping experience swifter and hassle-free, it’s important that your business is geared up for supporting mobile payments.

Chat Bots

Recent developments in AI are making the world look increasingly like the vision of a science fiction author. One cool thing that’s caught our attention is the rise of chat bots. These are programs which attempt to replicate human communication and, as the technology improves, they are becoming more and more effective tools for selling, resolving queries and solving customer’s problems. Many online retailers are already embracing this technology to drive customer engagement with successful results, so it’s worth exploring whether or not chat bots could be right for your business.

Increased Focus on Mobile Traffic

You’re probably sick of hearing how important mobile, but this year more than ever it’s vital to make 100% sure your business is prepared for how pervasive mobile surfing is predicted to come. Last year mobile traffic surpassed desktop and the number of people accessing the internet from their phones is only set to increase. Another interesting thing to note is that Google is currently in the process of experimenting with a mobile-first index model. At this point, it looks as if simply trying to be mobile-optimised could be a thing of the past – the main focus will be on mobile devices rather than desktop.

Video as a Digital Marketing Tool

We are seeing more and more brands and online retailers relying more and more on video to help enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Things like explainer videos can show an incredibly good ROI whilst also offering long-term benefits such as building trust in your brand. Nowadays it’s pretty quick and easy to set up your own YouTube channel and make a video using your phone. If you can afford to, it’s a wise idea to reach out to a digital marketing firm to help you with your video content if you are seeking something a bit more professional.

Increase in Same Day Delivery Services

If your online business is delivering a physical product to customers, it is essential that you aware of the increasing prominence of same day delivery services. Amazon Prime seems to have set a precedent and now it looks like more and more customers expect a same day delivery option, and are also willing to pay for it. It’s therefore investing some time in calculating the logistics of same day delivery for your product. Find out if your courier has same day options available, and, if they don’t, it could be time to think about looking for a new one.

Well that concludes our list of the most important emerging trends in e-commerce for 2017. What did you think of our predictions? Is there anything we left out? Let us know in the comments!