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AccountsPortal: Great Value Accounting Software

18 Oct
18th October 2016

Established in 2010, AccountsPortal is a browser based online accounting solution which can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Founded in 2009 due to the high price and ineffeciency of existing online accounts management solutions, AccountsPortal have accumulated clients across 15 countries and have reported that their client base doubles every year, a testament to the flexible, intuitive and efficient nature of their accounting management software.

AccountsPortal has been designed to take the stress and hassle out of accounting and book keeping. This user-friendly accounting software is bound to save you a lot of time, freeing you up for more important things such as growing your business, sourcing new clients and the like. At only £10 per month (at time of writing), AccountsPortal are much more affordable than many of their competitors and they even offer a free 30 day trial to get you started, so that you can ensure that they are the right choice for you.

Safety and security are obviously primary concerns when considering which online accounting software to opt for, which is why AccountsPortal offer frequent off-site backups, SSL protection and state of the art firewall technology for your complete peace of mind. The company also boast free support, unlimited users, and unlimited transactions to make all your accounting and bookkeeping as easy as possible.

With features such as invoice templates which can be customised with your own logo, it’s fast and simple to issue invoices and get paid faster using AccountsPortal. You can also keep an eye on outstanding payments and set up recurring invoices too. Other features include Intelligent Banking which enables you to import bank statements, view all your accounts quickly and keep tabs on cash flow. If you use PayPal you can even link to a direct feed or import transactions from file for easy integration.

Handling taxes and VAT can be a real headache for small and medium sized businesses. AccountsPortal helps you to monitor your tax history and to create VAT reports which will prove invaluable when it comes to filling out VAT returns. As mentioned, AccountsPortal is web based which means you can access it from any location with an Internet connection. The software can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices which can prove to be very handy indeed, especially if you are travelling around on business and need to keep an eye on your accounts.

AccountsPortal even boast accreditation from the The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the largest bookkeeping institute in the world. With such a prestigious endorsement, you can rest assured that AccountsPortal is definitely worthy of your attention if you are a new company looking for accounts management software or if you are dissatisfied with your existing bookkeeping set-up.

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E-commerce Automation Key for Small Webshops

29 Jul
29th July 2016

E-commerce automation is important, because it’s one of the best ways to ensure profitability and efficiency as an online store grows. Time is money and needs put to good use. In addition, it’s just good sense to streamline your business operations.

The concept of automation has negative connotations to many. For instance, many small business owners see the word ‘automation’ and think of conveyor belts and machines and outraged customers. But automation can be applied on a much smaller and more managable scale. Most of us aren’t running Amazon-sized retail machines, yet.

In real life e-commerce automation needn’t be a big deal, it’s all about reducing your own precious time on repetitive tasks. Letting technology do the boring bits, freeing you up to get on with growing your business (or just relaxing a bit more as the competition sweats it).

Here’s a few examples of business areas which lend themselves well to automation:

  • Emails to request feedback

A pretty obvious one, but surprising how few small companies actually do this properly. Feedback from customers is the only way to judge how well you’re meeting their needs. It’s potentially also a second sale from them in the making. Asking for feedback also proves a clever way of prising out potential order issues sooner, stemming the flow of any order queries.

  • Order processing + shipping

Shipping agents and courier companies don’t all offer decent e-commerce integrations, so be sure to check into this when reviewing your options. Data entry from A to B can be slow or frustrating when dealing with many orders at a time. Automating shipping operations with your carrier can save valuable hours of time.

  • Environmental variables

What is the weather like where your shoppers are? What’s the average income there? Is your customer in a rush or clicking-cooly? Using all the lookup technology and visitor info you can to offer the most relevant products to your customers can be an excellent strategy depending on what you sell. For instance an outdoor-wear shop may choose to market umbrellas to wet areas, and shorts to the dry. Sell time-saving products to the busy, and time-fillers to the bored. Automation can help create value for your visitors. In turn it boosts your sales and keeps you relevant in your marketplace.

Some new store owners are fearful of e-commerce automation and often think it will make their service less personal. The reality is though, that it can be implemented with as much or as little personalisation as you like. Perfect, personal ‘hand-written’ emails, for instance can still be automated.

Another common myth is that jobs should then be cut and work reduced in general. This isn’t always the case, as real human input and contact will always be important for any business. It’s instead better to use the time freed up from automation to actually help staff in their work. Perhaps allowing them to branch out into other areas, using their time more efficiently, and helping the business to be more successful overall. Time saved could be spent marketing (basically anything is better than needless admin work, we’re sure you’ll agree).

One way to think of this approach is “intelligent automation”. Putting these concepts into action can be powerful and profitable, and help to grow your small business dramatically.

Uptime Robot: Free Website Monitoring

14 Jul
14th July 2016

So, how about a website monitoring service which is not only excellent but is completely free for basic use?

We thought you might say yes to this. Uptime Robot is one such service. We’ll go into a little depth on its features. And why it’s important to have a website monitoring solution working for you.

Uptime Robot is a cloud-based website monitoring service. Add your website(s) to your account, then specify your URL and check interval. If your site goes down, you’ll get an email, and they’ll send you an email when your site goes up again as well.

The basic service is completely free of charge for 50 sites, checked every 5 minutes. If like us you need more monitors and more responsive monitoring, the Pro Plans offer virtually unlimited monitors, along with monitoring down to the minute. The pro plans also allow for SMS notifications if you’re out and about a lot. The price is entirely justified for the peace of mind, and is great value when built into your web hosting offering as well.

There are a few main reasons it’s important to keep an eye on your websites uptime:

  • If your website is down, you can’t get new customers/visitors, and may lose revenue
  • Downtime and poor access will have a negative impact on your SEO
  • It’s an easy way to ensure your hosting provider is delivering the promised uptime.

It’s worth noting too; you can also use Uptime Robot for monitoring Keywords, Pings or even specific Ports on your server. This can come in really handy when it’s not just HTTP/Web Access you need to keep an eye on. For instance, you could monitor a VoIP phone system, or an email server.

It offers a pretty full-featured API too, so if you need to build in your stats or uptime status to other apps, you’re good to go.

If visual data is your thing, the online dashboard features a “TV Mode”, which is a great way to display your uptime visually across a number of sites.