The Chilli Alchemist: Fiery Potions and Elixirs

The Chilli Alchemist is an exciting new online purveyor of some of the tastiest chilli sauces and hot sauces known to man. The brand’s commitment to the use of home-grown, organic produce for their ingredients ensures that their product is utterly delectable. Chilli addicts will quickly become hooked on the Chilli Alchemist’s extensive, innovative range of premium hot sauces.

With flavours ranging from the inviting mild to the insanely hot, the Chill Alchemist has something for all tastes from the beginner to the experienced, seasoned hot sauce veteran. These guys are also noted for often introducing unusual ingredients into the mix, with spectacularly good results! Ever tried a hot sauce containing baby beetroot, roasted fennel and red wine? Didn’t think so!

As well as retailing individual bottles of sauce, the Chilli Alchemist also provide attractive gift packs with three different bottles of hot sauce, the ideal gift for the strung out chilliholic in your life in need of a fix. If you really want to spoil someone rotten with the ultimate gift, you can purchase all seven of the different bottles from the Chilli Alchemist’s regular range at a discounted price. This would be a truly unique and memorable gift or you could even treat yourself to this to ensure none of your meals ever go without a kick of spice ever again!

As well as hot sauces, the Chilli Alchemist are also proud retailers of their own Melliculus range of hot chilli popping candy. You may or may not remember enjoying popping candy when you were a kid, but not like this. The Alchemist’s selection of chilli popping candy comes in four different flavours with heat ratings ranging from the mild to the very hot depending on how bold you’re feeling! And again, if you’re feeling generous or even just want to treat yourself, you can purchase the complete Melliculus range of chilli popping candies presented in a stylish book-style box.

The Chilli Alchemist’s website benefits from a simple, clean, easy-to-use design which implements the OpenCart e-commerce platform. The site does have its own distinctive character and aesthetic which is conveyed through a dark colour scheme – maroons, greys and blacks – which manages to evoke a feeling of alchemy and black magic. One of the things I really like about this site is that it goes above and beyond mere retail – there are also free recipes available with instructions on how to create extra spicy prawn skewers, sushi, chicken noodles and even ice cream! Aside from this, there is also an image gallery with artfully captured images of all the products and even some ominously intriguing pictures of what appears to be a druid dressed in black manning a chilli stall. Fantastic stuff! It’s this kind of personal touch which sets small companies and brands aside these days, making it obvious how passionate and individual they are.

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